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PaperStore is a simple-to-use cost effective way to store and retrieve documents, using state-of-the-art imaging technology. Applications are created in minutes — no programming required. Documents are scanned or imported and indexed by custom defined index fields.

With PaperStore, millions of documents are searched in mere seconds. Users may fax, route, or e-mail documents to others for viewing. With E-Sig, authorized users can place their signature anywhere on the page for approvals.

PaperStore and PaperStore Web can update and receive updates from 3rd party software,
for example MEDITECH, MicroDynamics AP systems, Central Services Assoc.
Completing the data cycle and increasing productivity.

OCR/Barcode Recognition - automatically indexes from scanned documents, storing it in a database for search and retrieval.
Workflow - electronic document routing that increases productivity, accuracy and efficiency over traditional paper processing.
Electronic Signature - digital signatures are stored safely with PIN # security and can be applied to scanned images.
E-mail - images out and import e-mail and attachments.
Out Box - allows users to select images from several different applications to then fax, print or e-mail.
Event Log - captures the activity of users in a complete audit trail.
Annotation - Post-it-notes, Redaction, Stamps
Importing - third-party images files can be stored and retrieved in PaperStore
Exporting - images and data can be exported out of PaperStore.
CD Publishing - provides images to be written to a CD for distribution.
WEB Access - allows data to be viewed or printed via your Web browser.
Document Capture Engine - Tool Kit to image-enable your own applications. Provides needed database connection, document processing and search/retrieval capabilities.

Specifications: File Types: TIF, JPEG, BMP, PDF, OLE Files Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Access, ODBC Compliant Protocols: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX , Terminal Server

Industries using PaperStore:

Health Care Mortgage Banking Manufacturing Distribution
Financial Utilities Government Laboratories
Education Law Enforcement Insurance Engineering


Accounts Payable Signature Cards Point-Of-Service Medical Records
Human Resources Checks Job Orders Clinical Records